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Step 4: Closing

Either a purchase or a refinance will take place with the closing attorney. We will wire the funds we are providing to the attorney prior to closing. If there is a construction escrow, it will also be set up at…

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Step 3: Processing

If your property is under contract, and you have agreed to our GFE, we will send the file to the closing attorney to begin title work. At this time, we will typically order an appraisal of the property. As a…

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Step 2: Underwriting

Based on evaluation of your application and the deal to be funded, we will promptly produce and send to you, in writing, a ?good faith? estimate of what loan we can provide along with the costs.

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Step 1: Apply.

Complete our on-line application. In this step you?ll answer questions about yourself, your assets and your inome. You will also describe your deal needing finnacing. Tell us about the property and what your plan is.

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