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Your neighborhood private money lender for real estate projects.

Zero money down payments. 9% interest-only.

We can help you when other lenders can’t. Because we have been in the real estate business buying, selling, rehabbing and making loans in the metro area for more than twenty-five years, we understand the unique needs of borrowers.

Four quick steps to demo day.


Ready to get to work?

We’re here to help.

Unlike many new hard money lenders in the Atlanta market today, we live here. We have built new homes, rehabbed old homes, managed rental properties, and wholesaled projects.

We’re different.

We understand the changing environment of buying and selling.

We look at deals from the buyer’s perspective and we understand the challenges you face as an investor in today’s market. Long-term success in real estate investing comes from the relationships you make.

Leverage your team of skilled and trusted specialists: contractors, agents, attorneys, surveyors, appraisers, and, of course, AHP Capital as your financial partner, and build a business that can provide financial freedom for you and your family.

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